The financial market in Brazil is undergoing a major structural change with the implementation of Open Finance - a new market, still difficult to understand, with few players and great growth potential. Klavi was born along with this change, but carrying the experience of the financial management application that was the cradle of learning for the company, and it needed a brand concept and narrative that would tell its story and make it stand out in this market.
Klavi's challenge was to create a consistent concept for its brand, which would enhance the quality of its products and services and differentiate it from the players in the market - which are still few, but which have international experience or investments from large Brazilian banks.
Distrust in data sharing is still a sensitive point for Brazilians, and few companies already see the value in opening up data sharing.​​​​​​​ Therefore, reliability, in its most diverse senses, is the attribute that Klavi needs to build every day, whether in brand strategies or in business operations, in addition to having a great challenge ahead, which is to generate value from OpenData.
Based on the idea that connection can be the key to transformation, we created the entire Klavi design. The cubes with rounded edges and which never appear alone represent this connection between people and data, between human intelligence and technology, between Klavi, its partners and customers. The proportion between the cubes brings the idea of ​​Klavi as a support and as a brand that puts customer success first.
The connected cubes, present both in the logo and in the visual elements, also appear outlined, representing the windows through which it is possible to see through, see a new scenario in the Brazilian financial system, as well as lines that connect people and the different paths that Klavi presents with his service.
In the photographs, people interacting with technology, bringing once again the idea of ​​connection as the key to a world transformed by the power of open finance.
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